Yahoo Meyer’s challenge: to improve the UI international users diversification

Sohu IT News Beijing time on January 30, according to foreign media reports, Yahoo in 2012 achieved impressive results, but the company’s CEO, Meyer is very clear, Yahoo’s future to enhance the user experience by improving the UI, speed up the progress of the international a broader user key to diversification is the company’s success.

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  Yahoo in recent years has been in turmoil, the sluggish operating conditions, the Board of Directors Senior internal battle, “educated” scandal of former CEO Scott Thompson (Scott Thompson), this former Internet giant equipment questioned by Yahoo employees and shareholders are eager to have some good news to boost morale. In July 2012, Google’s former vice president Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) served as Yahoo CEO, Yahoo began to slowly back on track under her leadership, which allow investors to see Yahoo revive the glorious hope .

  Earnings performance

  Monday, Yahoo announced results for the fourth quarter of 2012, excluding traffic acquisition costs (TAC) revenue reached $ 1.221 billion, an increase of 4%; Non-GAAP, excluding equity incentive spending per the shares diluted share of $ 0.32. Meyer served as Yahoo CEO has been a full two quarters, the company’s fourth-quarter results show that under Meyer’s leadership, Yahoo is gradually moving towards recovery.

  However, we must realize that Meyer and Yahoo’s honeymoon period will soon be over, and she did not face a real test. Then, Meyer whether to allow confidence in the company’s customers, employees and shareholders, convinced by her leadership Yahoo to revive glory?Recently, Meyer attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, (World Economic Forum) officially announced plans to revive Yahoo.

  Yahoo announced fourth-quarter revenue exceeded expectations, compared with the first half of 2012, the overall revenue growth of 26%, which is sufficient to allow the management of the company’s future prospects remain optimistic.

  Recruitment and acquisitions

  Yahoo earnings conference call, Meyer said the company is restructuring Recruitment Plan. She said: “Over the past many years, Yahoo completely ignored the importance of talent, become an extremely bureaucratic company and we hope to change this situation quickly, and has been company by hiring competent staff to reduce internal friction. This strategy has achieved good results in the past six months, a large number of job-seekers have the ability to enter the Yahoo team. “

  Process to attract top talent to join Yahoo, Meyer charisma played a key role. Meyer persuaded entrepreneurial master of Max • Lev piano (Max Levchin) and former Disney executive Sandy Gould (Sandy Gould) and other well-known executives have joined Yahoo. In addition, Meyer also through internal potential, the appointment of Adam Khan (Adam Cahan) the person in charge of the mobile sector, the view from the fourth-quarter earnings, the latter really does not live up to Meyer’s trust. Yahoo teams are becoming more and more powerful.

  At the same time strengthen the staff team management, Yahoo also speed up the pace of mergers and acquisitions. In October last year, Yahoo acquired mobile application developers Stamped, and video chat start-up companies OnTheAir mergers and acquisitions in December. In the last week, the company also acquired a content integration platform Through these acquisitions, Yahoo expand the scope of business, more revenue sources.

  Yahoo Development Goals in the mobile space, Meyer said: “We want to allow users to form a digital life habits.” Also shows that the company is moving in this goal Flickr Mobile, Yahoo recently launched Yahoo Mail, December efforts.

Three major challenges

  Meyer pointed out: “For Yahoo, the most significant business opportunities in that search, display, mobile and video fields, especially search engines, we still have a huge space for development.” She said, Yahoo will be more personal and humane management model to improve the company’s employment relationship. In addition, although Yahoo is not obvious progress in the mobile space, but the future will continue to increase investment in the past six months, Yahoo’s mobile business has gained some advertising orders. Meyer said: “Although the number and amount are not, but this is a good start.”

  Yahoo will face the challenge of the future, Meyer focused on the three points: First, by improving the UI to enhance the user experience; Second is to accelerate the progress of the international; Finally broader user diversified. She said: “these three priorities reflects the degree of importance of each.”

  Yahoo earnings in the field of mobile is not ideal, but Meyer believes that, from the point of view of the prospects for the development, Yahoo is still worth the wait. She said: “We have a huge common user base, directly associated with their user behavior and new mobile applications, and can be extremely easy to check the weather, browse the News, send and receive e-mail, etc. In addition, our mobile plate extremely rich content also increased, which will greatly enhance the attractiveness of the platform on smart phones and Tablet PC users, these users have developed a habit of a mobile device to access Yahoo so for us, how to make the content more value has become the most important task. “

  Of course, Yahoo, there is an urgent need to address the problem is how to take advantage of the mobile content and applications to make money. Meyer this well prepared, she often think about this question in the Google office, despite Yahoo’s mobile division immediately earnings is still too early, but in her heart already have their own plans.

  The data is from Yahoo’s latest quarterly earnings report, another Meyer concern: 75% of Yahoo’s revenue comes from the United States. This requires Yahoo to make a change, the business scope expanded to the rest of the world, to make the business more international.

Analysts questioned

  On the earnings conference call, Yahoo how to develop mobile-related businesses, and how to make money in this area became the focus of attention of the analyst. Meyer and do not want to tilt to the mobile space the company’s policy to make too much explanation, but analysts pointed out that: “Yahoo company resources focused on the mobile sector, whether this will lead to its mobile search business applications and PC generate conflicts of the product? “

  Meyer responded: “may ultimately not be able to avoid some of the conflict, but our own position is ‘moving most insightful team’ we will be 50% of the company’s development focus in the mobile space, and company resources to tilt the field, because we need to and will develop unique mobile related products. “

  She added: “In the fourth quarter of 2012, we are recruiting an additional 120 computer professionals, the vast majority of them will enter mobile department or video department.”

  The analyst pointed out that, so far, has not gained a lot of revenue of any company in the mobile space. Meyer explained when the influx of mobile field, advertising, said: “At present, our most important job is to re-sort the quality of service for mobile applications, to adjust their pricing strategies, and thinking about how product placement to make it easier for users to accept. The Lord will not ads have been important in the field and how to provide better advertising services is the key. “

  Many years ago, Meyer is not optimistic about the search engines can bring profits, but this view seems horribly wrong. Meyer said that for the mobile space, Yahoo is doing a lot of user surveys, so when the company decided to put into action, “we will be in a better position.”

  But analysts put forward different views. Therefore, from the point of view of investment in research and development, Yahoo did not ahead of the competition, which may impact the company’s innovative road. Meyer said: “We give a rapid response team to invest in, the team focused on the development and application of iPad, iPhone, Android platform and we are very clear Everything from small to big, just like small river eventually converging rivers. “

  ”We firmly believe that our team will develop a better product, and we hope their efforts to make the world a better place.” Meyer said.

Search Yahoo’s future

  Of course, can not be ignored, the search engine business. Meyer said: “In the future, search business will continue to be a key investment, Yahoo and Microsoft search alliance, has also promoted the growth of the business.”

  The analyst pointed out, the this table Mingmeiyeer still confidence in the Yahoo search, and additional investment in the search interface. To achieve a breakthrough in the field of search engine is not difficult, because whether it is for traditional PC or mobile device, search engine every innovation is just limited to the level of the search interface and search access innovation.

  Meyer revealed that Apple’s Siri voice control function is based on data provided by the Yahoo the Siri links also. “We will continue to invest in this regard.” Meyer said.

  Meyer believes that the search engine of the future will be towards the development of personalized intelligent direction. She said at the Davos forum on search services more personalized and intelligent search engine must be the body of the user to have a very clear understanding of where users search for keywords sources, while in the next three to five years, The search engines are evolving toward both directions.

  This means that Yahoo will be based on the user’s interest survey continue to develop more personalized and intelligent search service. Analysts pointed out that Yahoo will collect user every time you visit the home page of the company, and the formation of a separate database, and the search engine will use the database to provide personalized and intelligent search service.

  Of course, Yahoo’s management is not lack of creativity, relative to previous Yahoo, however, able to produce these creative already a big step forward. Of course, these creative progressive realization and eventually converted into a profit is not easy, we can not be imagined Yahoo to avoid the fierce competition in the market to find revitalize brilliant shortcut. But for Yahoo, under Meyer’s leadership inspire high morale is already a good start. (Kuke)

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