Wuhan vegetable wholesale prices post three times times

Market price of vegetables in Wuhan are “profiteering chains”; price Department, said “markets have independent pricing power, normal market activity”
Since its Spring Festival, Hubei Wuhan vegetable prices continued to rise. In the same city, the same dish, the wholesale market to just ten kilometers away from the retail supermarket, prices over three times more than doubled. Although public resentment, and price for this “can do”.
Vegetable market
“Catch up with the price of pork with green pepper”
Xinhua reporters found in Wuhan, from wholesale to retail outlets, some just more than 10 km, just more than 10 minutes by car, but almost all varieties of vegetables, three or four times: 2 sell Yuan to 7 Yuan, 5 Yuan to sell 17 … …
On February 3, the journalist in a large supermarket in Wuhan Hanyang district of wangjiawan, most expensive little pepper sells for catty 22.99 Yuan, market common, the price per pound is 6.99 Yuan and Wuhu pepper, tomato, Shanghai Green 2.48 dollars, nearly the entire food market vegetables in no less than 2.
Purchase public xiaojianhong in green pepper very wonder vegetable prices began to decline over the Spring Festival in previous years, but this year they remain high, there is no clear cut. “Vegetable prices far too high, and catch up with the price of pork with green pepper.
Supermarket sales manager Cai Fei said, they have a dedicated dealer, and dealer, wholesaler of large wholesale markets for agricultural products such as Pak Sha Chau. “There’s the vegetable is basically coming from the white sand shipped.
Wholesale market
Wholesale price retail price 30%
Subsequently, this reporter went to the supermarket across the River from white sand, ten kilometers apart around Wuhan wholesale market. Here is the largest agricultural products wholesale base in central China, Wuhan vegetable market supply base.
To enter the market, seen in the scene with the kind of hot, kind of out of it. Reporters found that the prices of most vegetables are not very high, and gradually come down. Hainan green peppers for 2 dollars a pound of fresh, green only 1.2 Yuan in Shanghai, Eggplant 2.3 Yuan, even the supermarket “luxury vegetable” here is not very expensive. Hainan chili $ 5 per pound, green beans 3.5 Yuan, tomato 2.5 Yuan.
By contrast, wholesale price retail price of only one-third, or even lower. Each kilogram priced at 16.99 dollars in Hainan in the supermarket Chili, catty here only 5 Yuan; supermarkets 6.99 Yuan in Hainan pepper where only 2. Common vegetables such as onions, cabbage, the wholesale price of only one-third per cent of the retail price.
Dealer outlets of “black price increases”
Suppliers of supermarket skips directly to the wholesale market was not in reality
Further investigation found that vegetables wholesale under a normal profit, most of the windfall was one by one grade level, vegetable vendors, retailers put them into pockets.
Vegetable wholesale merchants Li Baiyuan says price is 1 Yuan of Shanghai green, sell up to 1.6 Yuan, but starting from the first month erected, wholesalers have been cutting prices, which is 1.2 Yuan now. “Two or three times higher than the retail price, they make more money. “Li Baiyuan say more because the vegetable traders on the wholesale market, competing against bargain much, vegetable prices do not increase, per kg on average can only make two or three cents.
In this regard, Cai Fei felt “desire.” He said that, although they are supermarket food prices a little higher, but the price is higher than the wholesale market of suppliers. “We didn’t expect vegetables at the supermarket this part to create much interest. “If we have the wholesale price is much higher than the wholesale market, adjacent to the supermarket, why not just to purchase wholesale market? In this regard, Cai Fei said, to ensure that the quality of vegetables, fresh food suppliers are fixed, monthly procurement costs. “We take cash to the wholesale market, from corporate finance program is unrealistic.
In response to
Price: combat with dishes no jurisdiction
Have no right to interfere in the supermarket and Bazaar independent pricing
Wuhan municipal price Bureau price supervision and Inspection Bureau researcher Ye Kailin, 3 times higher retail prices and wholesale prices, apparently pushed up retail prices. He said that vegetable from the wholesale market to the retail Terminal, transport and packaging process, coupled with labor costs and booth fees, each variety vegetable retail prices may be higher than the wholesale price of 60% per cent, to a maximum of no more than 80%.
Press survey found that retailers does exist in vegetable prices rose tasted the sweetness of high profits, even after a reduction in costs, are reluctant to cut prices.
Ye Kailin, supermarket and Bazaar with independent pricing power is normal market behavior, as long as there is no price gouging or malicious supplies, they also have no right to interfere. “No law gives us the right to law enforcement to combat price.
Price Bureau of policies and regulations of Wuhan municipality Director Zhang Shuiqing said that standards for commodity prices, the price Act is made only “pricing in accordance with cost of goods, comply with the principles of honesty and” conceptual requirements there are no specific quantitative requirements and enforcement provisions. In particular, vegetables, due to season, supply and demand, and other factors, on the specific costs, the price is hard to grasp. “For the price, there is no clear laws and regulations to Cap its price, unless people report or extra large natural disasters, price departments and generally have no right to interfere.


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