Unknown police officers get off at Utsunomiya station

You see that on the 16th, male constable length of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Ayase police station that is no longer know the whereabouts While holding a gun, had been off at Utsunomiya station take the Shinkansen from JR Tokyo Station, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has search continues.

No longer know the whereabouts It is male constable length of the 24-year-old who works in the center of Hon alternating Ayase police station in Tokyo Adachi Ward.

When depends on the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, after leaving the police station at midnight on the 15th this month, whereabouts is not known, then, Uniform Cap and bicycle, radios senior policeman was found in or rivers away about two kilometers senior policeman, but possession such as a handgun that was not found.

In the subsequent examination of, early morning of the 16th of the next day you lose the whereabouts are found in the state, such as uniforms senior policeman was put in a bag in the bathroom of JR Tokyo station yard.

Did not have a handgun, but after further examined from that figure the senior policeman in plain clothes figure is toward the home of the Tohoku Shinkansen in the morning of the same day was reflected in the security camera station, constable length take the Shinkansen, Utsunomiya Station it is that found that out when I was down.

By senior policeman that was wearing dark clothes, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has searched the whereabouts continue.

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