United States: a national strategy to deal with big data era

California, Stanford University Assistant Professor Justin Coulee horses, are trying the application of mathematics to the study of political science, Mass blog post on the Internet through the computer, parliamentary speeches, news reports the statistical analysis, and thus expand trends judgment. The 29-year-old in the eyes of the young political scientist, political science has increasingly become a data-intensive discipline. ” In fact, it is much more than a large number of disciplines and fields of political science, science, advertising, sports, public health and other data-intensive disciplines “are to benefit from big data technologies.   

With the growing number of data on the Internet, the the general marine vast network data has become a strategic resource. Big data technology goals, that is, information from these data mining to determine trends and to improve efficiency. In the technological advances of the United States, some large Internet companies first noticed the endless charm of big data technology, and try to be used in operating activities. Social networking site “Facebook” and the video site network flying “footprint” left by the user on the network will collect, collate, analyze user preferences, interests and needs the recommended contacts information or video content of interest to the user.   

Successful use of big data technology that will change the face of the daily life, corporate decision-making and governance, staggering economic and social benefits. The famous American photographer and writer of Rick smaland thinks that big data will become human the dashboard help people intelligent tools to deal with poverty, crime and pollution. Harvard University quantitative Gary King, director of the Institute of Sociology, the “revolution” to describe big data technologies to the changes brought about by the academic, business and government management, that “big data technology to be addressed in any one area.”   

In 2011, the U.S. President’s Science and Technology Advisory Committee to make policy recommendations, noting that large data contains important strategic significance, the federal government should increase investment in research and development efforts. In response to this recommendation, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, released in March 29 last year, the “big data research and development programs, while the formation of the” Big Data Senior Steering Group to coordinate the government in the field of large data more than 200 million dollar investment. This marks the United States to respond to the opportunities and challenges brought about by the technological revolution of big data, national strategic level, to form a pattern of the mobilization.   

“Big data research and development programs, should be through the massive and complex digital information to collect, collate, gain insights to improve the predictive ability of the socio-economic development. According to this plan, the United States hopes to use big data technology to achieve a breakthrough in many areas, including research and teaching, environmental protection, engineering, homeland security, bio-medicine, specific research and development programs involving the U.S. National Science Foundation, the National Health Research hospital, the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, the Defense Advanced Research Bureau, Geological Exploration Bureau, six federal departments and agencies. 

In the actual operation of the U.S. government, big data technology has entered the application phase. Last month, the CIA CTO Gus Hunt will be held in San Francisco at a symposium revealed large data technology to track terrorists and monitor the role of social emotions. Hunter said consumer companies like Coca-Cola and other means of data analysis to grasp the consumer habits, the CIA also through large data technology to find the trail of the terrorists. In addition, he also example “Arab Spring” big data analysis, we can understand how many people who are becoming more radical from the moderate position, and “calculated” who may take actions harmful to certain people.   The McKinsey Global Institute report said the United States needs 1.5 million data-savvy manager of personnel, as well as the the 140000-190000 depth data analysis experts. Currently, the American University dedicated to open research data technology courses to train the next generation of data scientists “, some U.S. companies also provide research funding to universities and to sponsor large data game.The United States is clenched large data field of human science and the latest dashboard, in order to continue to maintain technological leadership.


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