Taobao accused of secretly opened Alibaba account without the user’s consent

Now, probably no one would deny that the huge force of the electricity supplier, and Taobao as industry leaders can be considered truly a household word. Has no need to prove this fact. Shop big inevitably bully off Taobao ID dwellers may wish to search to see not own without the knowledge of the case, the name is suddenly more out of anAlibaba account.

This account using your Taobao ID, and your real name, gender, and Tel can be seen directly, and even still Alibaba for you automatically generate a home. Well, if you are a pure buyer, little to do with the idea of ​​a small business are not, but also on their own somehow “Ali Baba” feeling very angry, the next thing you would do? , Playing their customer service phone.

Not specialize in e-commerce generally engage unclear huge “Taobao – Alibaba” system in the end how many companies, in the end, who cares who.Fortunately Taobao artificial customer service to do much better than a lot of the monopoly of large state-owned enterprises, they will quickly answer the phone and give replies. Unfortunately, the customer service lady replies sweet voice and humble attitude, but useless. She tell you very clearly, this account does is automatically generated by the system, and completely unable to delete. As for why completely without the knowledge of the user’s own case, the system on its own you from Taobao to pulled Alibaba, customer service, the explanation given for the convenience of trading in Alibaba. But who told Taobao all users have the will to consumer Alibaba? Taobao can come up with this data? To say the least, even if it is 99% of the users do not mind to be generated in the case of no knowledge of Alibaba accounts, but that 1% of the wishes Do you think deserve to be ignored?

Moreover, the account can not be canceled. Really ridiculous, Taobao to launch a variety of powerful search, transfers and statistics, comparison function a little, but not complete, the most basic canceled this? According to the customer service lady said, If you insist on the cancellation of the Alibaba account Taobao account will be affected, before the integration, Amoy gold and red envelopes may be gone. This bundled services people really unaffordable.

Well, people have long been accustomed to swallow, I do not canceled, I modify the account information is not exposed so much real information can always be right? Wrong! Once you enter to modify the program, you’ll have to complete the phone bundled perfect other information such as real address like. In other words, if you want to hide a small part of the truth, it would have to pay more consideration of the information exposed to the Alibaba. While the spirit of good intentions, want Ali Baba in a responsible attitude to protect the user’s privacy is not compromised, but the personal information of citizens all over the place Recalling big trafficking CSDN leaked last year led to everyone, End of the World , Jingdong, Dangdang, U.S. Mission and other famous sites have appeared hacking event, how can we not haunt?

In fact, if you had to pop up a dialog box to ask the user whether willing to generate Ali Baba account, whether willing to publish their own personal information, the problem is not a problem. But I do not know Taobao imprudent or too users seriously, as simple as a program, no one wrote. Fortunately, at the end of last year, the NPC Standing Committee adopted a decision on strengthening the protection of network information collected in the operational activities of network service providers and other enterprises and institutions, and individual citizens electronic information to make a clear requirements. Taobao and Alibaba is not a law of the land, how to do it also Think.


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