Tang Jun: Ma resigned the CEO why not shocked the Chinese people

From all walks of life is far less than their level of concern for other gossip: because the Chinese people know to do it or not the CEO, Jack Ma and Alibaba is what he says goes.

More than 3 pm on January 15, 2011, I saw the company’s prospects CNN scroll breaking news coverage: “Jack Ma of Alibaba will step down as CEO of CNN scroll breaking news are generally reported world-class influence events, Ma resigned from the CEO regarding included, may indicate that Alibaba and Jack Ma has become concerned about the company and personalities of the world’s financial community, may also illustrate another point: the CNN U.S. media, the Chinese really do not understand.

In order to verify that this judgment is correct, I immediately go online and read the Chinese media reported that Ma would resign as CEO.From all walks of life is far less than their level of concern of gossip: Chinese people know, Ma resigned as CEO, does not affect the development of Alibaba, do it or not CEO, Ali Baba or Ma have the final say. This is the Chinese model.

In contrast, I remember in 2000, Gates suddenly announced his resignation from the the Microsoft company CEO message to a Wall Street as a whole are shocked, the day of Microsoft’s stock price fell more than 5%. American company CEO is responsible for all decision-making and the decision of the company’s operations and management come from the CEO, the board of directors and chairman of the board is only responsible for the decision of the CEO candidates and major mergers and acquisitions involving the interests of shareholders, CEO at the same time need to undertake other related including legal in within the responsibility. So, the most important figures of the American company CEO, not the chairman of the board.

According to the provisions of the Companies Act, legal representation, is chairman of the system, the Chinese company’s decision-maker is the chairman of the board, even if the recruitment of professional managers of private enterprises in China served as president and CEO, president and CEO of the terms of reference and functions more like the assistant to the chairman or his deputy, and a far cry from the role of CEO of professional managers abroad.

This system causes more entrenched boss mentality stems from the founder of Chinese enterprises. Chinese professional managers want to change the status quo is not feasible in the short term, which also explains the phenomenon of the professional managers of foreign invested enterprises to private enterprises significantly acclimatized: professional managers of foreign invested enterprises in foreign CEO mode applied to the Chinese private enterprises, that everything within the competence of decision-making a little “self-expansion”. Later found almost significant thing are not decision-making, cause they have halfway departure from private enterprises in private enterprises in China “professional managers” almost “wiped out”.

The bosses of private enterprises in China have not thought about the real decision-making power and management in the hands of an outside professional managers. Not that they do not trust outsiders, “boss history of only 30 years, and abroad over a century old, the” boss culture and mentality did not form, requires a process may have to wait until the second generation, third generation when.

Like life, we can not change society, can not be changed around, the only thing you can change is yourself.

Year as foreign companies professional managers joined Shanda , I am very aware of their position from the start did not themselves too seriously – when we asked when my grand charge of what business, my answer is “President Chen (Chen Tianqiao) regardless of all responsible, both cleverly answered the problem, and realistically reflect the duties I was behind these words there is a subtext is actually “Chen Zongguan of my all regardless of”.

Grand 4 years and Mr. Chen harmony based on the positioning and mentality, I do a of private enterprises career manager duties, also largely play to my strengths and role, as well as help the grand. Until now, me and Mr. Chen also maintained a friendship, I still miss the 4 years of experience in the grand.

Enterprise development process: entrepreneurial enterprises since 0 1 from 1 do 10 entrepreneurship is crossing the river by feeling the stones, its success can not be copied; enterprises bigger and stronger from 1 or 10 to 100 process, which requires expertise and management experience of large enterprises and capital operation ability, that is, the so-called professional managers.

I want to say: “someday foreigners no longer do not understand us when we understand foreigners.”












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