Subsequent search of the unknown person

In Izu Oshima landslides large-scale occurred in heavy rain due to typhoon No. 26, the death of 26 people were confirmed so far, still, 22 people, including residents are still missing.

It is expected to rain intensify it comes to 20 days 19 day and night, in Oshima town, along with the search for missing persons, and measures taken to prevent secondary disasters have been made.

In addition to the river to flood a wide range because of the heavy rain caused by Typhoon No. 26, building 300 houses or more damaged to fit landslide large- scale slope of the mountain and collapse occurs and 30 building housing and completely destroyed in the Izu-Oshima directly below.

The 19th person, a woman is found dead in a new, died in Oshima town is now 26 people in the town.

In addition, identity Isamu Saito, who lives in the town of ( 87 ) is checked out, the identity of 19 people were found so far.

According to our Oshima town, 22 people, including residents have gone missing still in the town, also the 19th of the fourth day, and fire Metropolitan Police Department, such as the Self-Defense Forces, and Motomachi 3-chome and Motomachi God our district damage was greater in the center, in the posture of more than 1200 people, and will continue to search for missing people while using as well as heavy machinery for construction.

On the other hand, it is expected to rain intensify through the 20th from 19 day and night in the Izu-Oshima, Some have it as a heavy rain again by the path of a typhoon No. 27.

In the district the damage came out, in order to prevent secondary disasters from occurring sediment flowing out flows out further, such as the work that piled up to about 1 meter high sandbags also have been made.

In Oshima town, it is based on that in areas where risk is also expected in the rain in the future, issue the evacuation by the evening the 19th, for example, call for evacuation early for residents, to promote measures.

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