Who will protect my chats

Some people say, “one foot in mind. With the rapid development of information technology, how to deal with the hacker attacks the body in the dark also increasingly becoming the worldwide technical problems.
Yes, “technical normalized to combat computer crime and the need for technical support, you need to lawless elements in the technical means a higher low.
However, Trojan public offering for sale, any person, regardless of whether deep computer knowledge can easily obtain this “technology” to become a hacker, I am afraid this is not just a technical problem, should management problem.
Access to relevant laws, illegal access to computer information system data, illegal access to personal information of citizens, illegal business … have been incriminating. Governance in order from the source network chaos, on December 28 last year, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress adopted a decision on strengthening the protection of network information, and specifies the obligations and duties of the competent authorities of the network service provider.It should be said, the network information security is not a free policy.
Law and reality gap, because the implementation of the law.
Network service provider for a variety of information dissemination, and conclusion of the transaction, provide a platform for the exchange of technology, also bears a number of legal obligations. Chat software provider, shall take technical measures and other necessary measures to ensure information security, to prevent individual citizens gathered in the business activities of electronic information leaked, damaged or lost. Occurred or may occur information leaks, damaged, lost, should take immediate remedial measures. Post Bar for all kinds of e-commerce sites, should strengthen its management of user information, the laws and regulations prohibit the release or transfer information, you should immediately stop the transmission of the information, take eliminate disposal measures to save the relevant records and report to the relevant authorities.
Network service providers are not doing technically plugging duties, there is no the timely identification delete illegal advertising posts, there is no removal of Trojan sales platform largely determine whether the blatant existence of such viruses, sales, flood the space.
Similarly, the public security organs to intensify the crackdown, the competent authorities to effectively perform its regulatory duties, largely compressed “seller” of such viruses. NPC Standing Committee decision on strengthening the network information protection provisions, the relevant competent departments shall perform their duties according to law within their respective mandates, to take technical measures and other measures necessary to prevent, combat and investigate steal or otherwise unlawfully obtain sale or criminal behavior illegal citizens’ personal electronic information to others, as well as other network information criminal behavior.
In addition, the decision also stipulates that any organization or individual shall not steal or otherwise unlawfully obtain the citizens personal electronic information may not be sold or illegal electronic information to others to provide individual citizens. For a “buyer’s market” in terms of individual citizens to study the law, abide by the law and abide by the laws of privacy protection boundary moral bottom line, will be largely reduced the market demand of such viruses.
The famous British writer Darrell once said: “Crime is always to punish compensation; only there a crime to be repaid.” Acts in violation of “the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the strengthening of the protection of network information, the decision made corresponding provisions: shall be given a warning, fines, confiscate the illegal income, the revocation of a permit or cancel the record, shut down the Web site, and prohibit the responsibility for personnel engaged in the network services business penalties credited to the the social credit file and to be published.
24 hours Abstract newspaper People’s Daily, corporate microblogging “Who Moved My chats, the forwarding over 46,000. The high density of users focused, in line with the media wake attaches great importance to the original intention of the network information protection. Only the whole society attaches great importance to the laws and regulations of the parties involved to act effectively fulfill their legal obligations to respect the rights of others, in order to make the network information to protect this world technical problems to optimize the management dimension crack. (Ze) (People’s Daily)

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