The polymerization mode: Electric how to destroy traditional business model

Blurb: millet mode may not be perfect, Tencent and probably naive, but if you do not know to the millet and Tencent represent aggregation mode (aggregation) – Alibaba, also known as C2B model, then, and now has the wealth and status, will be the fly in the gold hanging on the wing, you fall burden.

The Economic Observer reported Jiang Ruxiang / text all the traditional enterprise, whether Vanke real estate enterprises, Haier Consumer Electronics, their powerful are built on top of a basic element, that is the expansion. Today is being destroyed the traditional scale expansion mode as millet is destroying the domestic mobile phone Tencent mobile Unicom is destroying generally.

Millet perhaps imperfect mode, Tencent and probably naive, but if you do not know to the millet and Tencent represent aggregation mode (aggregation) – Alibaba also called C2B mode, you now have the wealth and status, will be the Flying gold hanging in the wings on to become a burden you fall.

Traditional enterprise competition model: bigger is the only option

Many people think that the maximum value of the scale expansion of scale, In fact, the traditional enterprise scale long bureaucratic management hedge. The advantage of the large enterprises, they control the channels, such as Vanke scale to make it easy to access to land resources, Haier’s scale can make it easy to access to the mall access.

I said in the speech Guizhou University EMBA students: non Guizhou Guiyang best commercial complex sell it? I do not oppose the opening of the market, I want to say is that, in the era of the Industrial Revolution, the results of the so-called market open, the giant corporate monopoly on the “store” the monopoly of communication channels, this monopoly for a small company entrepreneurial more and more difficult.

I think, no matter what standard, more and more difficult if the small company entrepreneurial, that this market environment must be anti-market. Venture of a large number of small companies, big companies can go to sleep lying on the the brand monopoly laurels on.

More importantly, the customer is in what position? No matter how big companies advertised customer-centric, customers are essentially “investigation” object: survey you know how you then “hypnosis”, this is called “Shi Yuzhu Art of War” push “marketing game, consumers will always be marketing object. The reason is simple, the big companies control the communication channels to see the worth of CCTV Standard King, you understand.

I have contacted the Chinese entrepreneurs, the most vigilant scale worship “Wang proposed Vanke years billions of strategic objectives, he is offensive, because in his mind Vanke is a carry forward the human spirit company . However, this traditional model of development in the real estate, the bigger is the inevitable choice of this year, Vanke is obviously synonymous with one of the real estate scale.

At this point, Li Dongsheng knew more clearly, he often mentioned the slogan: “Big is not necessarily strong, but not destined not strong”. This is the truth, tell the essence of the traditional enterprise development, is that the industrial revolution was a space battle, who has the most resources, occupies the largest space (physical space propagation space), who is the boss.

The instant the electricity supplier revolution: compete for customer value polymerization mode

The so-called electricity supplier, in fact talking about a simple business phenomenon, is that business is done via the Internet.

What are the characteristics of the Internet? Completely subvert the limitations of space.Internet companies from the birth of the day, there is a revolutionary spirit, that is, unlike like Vanke, Haier stressed that occupies the space resources, but stressed the possession of the customer time resources like Apple.

That is to say, companies such as Google and Alibaba, they do not have any spatial scale them some possession of the customer time: customers save time and use of the products of these companies, Google saves time access to information, Alibaba save shopping time, and consumers can use anytime, anywhere.

Especially mobile Internet. Mobile Internet so that businesses can “zero-cost, zero-time contact with customers”, no matter where you are, the mobile Internet can instantly connected to you, I was in charge of this phenomenon called “instantaneous even – can connect instantly to any one person on Earth .

For example, the United States FBI released the “10 most wanted (Ten Most Wanted), mobile Internet, ten seconds later, a Central American residents found that one of their own neighbors, and then immediately” private letter “to the FBI, half hours after their arrest.

Famous American network strategy expert Chuck Martin (charles martin) This phenomenon is called “global thinking” I call this phenomenon the “instant polymerization, the dissemination of information has led to” zero cost of police and people contact. ” , which completely changed the police Zhuahuai Ren “mode!

Chuck Martin (charles martin) in more than a decade ago, in the “digital empire (the digital estate)” the book says, be able to know how to go beyond the geographical space to look at the issue, is an ideological leap in the network this does not The boundary of the empire, polymerization brutal competition is far more effective.

, Look into space resources limited called competition called polymerization, to look into the unlimited combination of customer value, from the competition for limited resources, to the globalization of resources polymerization, which is the largest electricity supplier of traditional industries subversion!

Millet mode: millet Why can easily defeat the domestic mobile phone

American FBI most wanted the story to explain the truth of the revolution of the electricity supplier, is that no matter who, suppliers, manufacturers, consumers and even channel business, no matter what, no matter what, can be instantly polymerization (Aggregation ) “, mutually aggregated object.

This essentially is the principle of millet phone mode, regardless of the outcome of millet, Lei Jun to do is a new Internet model!

The core of this model is that the microblogging network community with a very low cost, instant polymerization “a large number of loyal customers, and then the instant polymerization mode” to do the mobile phone supply chain, in theory, he can get the world’s best suppliers, suppliers of quality even “likely” than Apple.

Why? Exclude a different operating system, Apple’s suppliers in theory can become suppliers of millet, millet beat Apple on the phone is entirely possible, of course, Apple’s powerful is not in the “mobile phone”, and “content platform , millet forever can not reason Apple!

Although millet is not Apple, but millet defeated TCL Mobile defeat Lenovo phone defeat Haier phone was easy, the reason is very simple, this is a contest of two ways of thinking and business model, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers entirely or Motorola product of the times still stuck in the traditional supply chain (investigation – design – mold – manufacturing – channels – service), playing the most original of the scale of the game.

Most clearly understanding the aggregation mode Alibaba

Understanding of this business model is most clearly Ali Baba Ali Research Center “C2B” is a mature model of the Internet, this is the very conclusion of insight (Insight). This conclusion is simply mature Internet business model, “orders + consumer participation in product customization + electronic business platform.

Millet in fact representatives of this model, the only regret is, the millet rice flour understanding of the “circle of culture” is not enough. Lei Jun is outstanding entrepreneurs insight into the spirit of the Internet, but he obviously do not understand the principles of sociology, that is of no force and cultural combat, victory must be cultural!

Back to the the C2B mode. People are familiar with the Toyota manufacturing JIT mode know, Toyota JIT mode is the C2B, this is the ultimate in traditional manufacturing system, the so-called “flexible manufacturing”. But Toyota is too difficult to learn, Today, every company can instantly polymerization mode of electricity providers, flexible manufacturing, Toyota the JIT first orders, fully flexible production inventory, this is what I say, electricity The provider is destroying the traditional business model.

Nokia near death, Motorola fragmented, two brands of the Decline and Fall of the Chinese favorite is not accidental, because the field of mobile phones, the Internet’s most intense competition battlefield, so the tradition of the fallen giants also the fastest. Drucker faithful, his theory followers, according to Drucker, to destroy giant is not technology, but changing customer.

– All wars are competing for customers without electricity supplier, no supplier

I want to please all feel the electricity supplier and they have nothing to do, nothing to do with their own industry entrepreneurs or employees to remember, do not look at the industry and products depends on your customers, as long as he is every day to get information on the phone, on the network find the answer, then the industry you had electricity supplier of, because your competitors may be through the mobile Internet “instantaneous even they,” Aggregation them “!

Is not it? All wars are competing for customers, all the victors of the war, are successful client company. All customers are people, all people in the mobile Internet change, now, you also said that you are very far away from the electricity supplier you?

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