Local governments and called evacuation

Issue of whether to call for evacuation to residents at any stage in the landslides of this has been pointed out, some of the municipalities of the Izu Islands, and set up a shelter at an early stage before the rain intensified, the voluntary residents There was also a local government that is calling for an evacuation basis.

Heavy rain was off at the impact of typhoon No. 26 also Kozu Island is just south of Izu Oshima, of approximately 60 km.

In Kozushima village, 20 minutes 0:00 am on the 16th this month the typhoon approached, the rain intensified, and issued a call for an evacuation in three districts in the village, but at 5:30 pm the day before the previous about 7 hours After you have installed the shelter, and told residents using the disaster prevention radio.

Furthermore, again, ” rainfall from the beginning of more than 110 mm off the risk of landslides is increasing ” as in radio, and of evacuation to residents of three districts which may be in the bottom of the cliff to 8:25 pm I was called for the preparation.

Within this, it was also conveyed that it will people take time to evacuation and the elderly as well as asking you to start the evacuation immediately, announcing the evacuation When you reach the 140 mm rainfall has been defined in the disaster prevention plan of the village.

Among them, listen to the radio at the receiver for home use that was distributed door to door, wife multi Yamada, who live in the above River District ( 63 years) is, on a voluntary basis with his mother of 89 -year-old to 9:30 pm were evacuated.

After the ” evacuation came out, is provided with a shelter. Administration that were evacuated ahead of time to think it works through the heavy rain with his elderly is difficult to preemptively, Yamada gave urging action I was talking about that is ” now help of judgment.

According to our Kozushima village, the disaster prevention plan, there is no provision such as ” opening a shelter before the evacuation,” but, and that the path of the typhoon had been heading straight to the island initially, to put out the evacuation it is from that but it was expected to be in the middle of the night, and that was preparing to take a posture as soon as possible.

Tsuchiya Fumiyasu Chief Kozu and village affairs department has said, ” Even if you become a whiff as a result, it was thought that the government will proceed with the preparation ahead of time and it is important ” he said.

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