Lenovo architecture adjustment: the smart phone business is very important

January 5, Yang Yuanqing announced Lenovo Group’s organizational structure adjustment. Lenovo’s business is split into two new end-to-end business group – Lenovo Business Group and Think Business Group.   Yang in the internal mail says:   “the Lenovo Business Group (Lenovo Business Group, referred to as LBG) by Liu Jun, a leader committed to advancing the mainstream consumer and commercial desktop computers, laptops and tablet PC business. addition, LBG will continue promote the full range of high-speed growth in MIDH portfolio, especially the smart phone business in China’s continued growth and global expansion, as well as new areas of investment in the smart TV the   Think Business Group (Think Business Group, referred to as TBG), by Peter Hortensius leader, committed to advancing high-end commercial and consumer business, while continuing to consolidate the core of the global commercial business (especially relational business) leadership position, on the other hand to build high-end desktop and notebook computers, consumer brands , let the Think brand image in the consumer area is highly respected in commercial areas. recent new additional input of enterprise-class business and workstation team will also be assigned to the business group.   these two business groups will bear the end The end of the business model design, and competitive construction tasks in various fields such organizations will directly improve our efficiency and innovation ability, provided successful companies can maintain the balance between these two aspects of Lenovo products will be the highest efficiency to meet mainstream demand.   competitiveness of the Think products will be of the highest quality and innovation to create high-end field we will be in the mainstream PC, high-end personal computers, mobile devices / smart phones as well as enterprise-level business / server solutions and other key product areas fast forward this is our foundation. ”   Why so adjust?With Yang’s saying is Lenovo’s current organizational structure has become the obstacles that hinder its development. Lenovo needs innovation again. “Let our organizational structure to ensure that the next round of growth to achieve higher goals.”   He Yuxi once “topped the global PC” Lenovo Joy “wrote an article,” global PC on Lenovo is not important, the important is the association need to maintain this look beyond forever do first entrepreneurial spirit, and this is not just in the global PC “catchy title, but also on product innovation, a single product profitability strive for.”   from Yang mail us can be seen by Liu Jun leadership business of Lenovo Group Lenovo future development of heavy into. The business module Liu Jun, the smart phone business and business-critical. Because it is the same mainstream PC, high-end personal computers, mobile devices / enterprise-level business / server solutions and other key production, the basis of Lenovo.   Lenovo itself has the world’s largest PC manufacturer, the other’s business, whether it is enterprise-class business or server solutions, and so on, the real money? Can bring much profit? Not much dampening …… to  Lenovo under a higher target rely on to achieve? Rely on is the need for a strong profitable product, where is it? Now, Lenovo remaining profitable smart mobile terminal!   , Yang was said in the message “in particular, continued growth and global expansion of the smart phone business in China, and the investment in the new field of smart TV.”   He Yuxi Yang’s emphasis on the mobile phone business is very important, which will bring great convenience to the Lenovo smartphone business.   2013 is bound to be the the Lenovo smartphone outbreak.


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