Outside the island to escape the elderly from the Izu-Oshima

In order to get refuge in such facility outside the island temporarily, such as the elderly that can not be evacuated on their own, Oshima town of Izu Oshima that the rain intensified again under the influence of typhoon No. 27 is concerned, the target I did the work to confirm the intention to approximately 550 people.
The residents who wish to escape, the 23rd, and is based on that you have to move in the cruise ships in the private sector.

Because the rain intensified again under the influence of typhoon No. 27 is a concern later this week, Oshima town temporarily for people with disabilities and elderly people living in shelters and evacuation of on their own can be difficult to Izu Oshima decide that you have been evacuated to such facility outside the island, and conducted work to confirm their intention whether to evacuate 550 people who will be subject to the 22nd.
Residents who answered and depends on the people involved, when you want to escape at the stage of the afternoon around 3:00 is that attendance, including 80 people that are at least approximately.
The 23rd, if you have to that you have to move to residents who wish to evacuate to charter a cruise ship in the private sector, such as Maeda Nobuhiro deputy governor of Tokyo and Kawashima, Satoshi mayor participated, 22 day and night, the town opened in the office it has to decide the final preparations at a meeting of the Emergency Response Headquarters to be.
In addition, it is that you go preparing to get moving on a priority basis to such shelter on the island also residents who wish to remain on the island. On the other hand, it is a week in 23 large- scale landslides from happening in the heavy rain caused by Typhoon No. 26.
Of the 29 people who died, the 22nd, the identity of the Oshima-machi Motomachi God we, Saito contribution acid ( 86 ), two original Junko Oshima town Motomachi 3-chome (61 ) have been identified in the new.
Identity of 25 people were found so far, 16 people, including residents have gone missing still.
If the rain intensified under the influence of typhoon No. 27, Self-Defense Forces and police has decided to search it through the night also 22 day and night because it can potentially disrupt the search.

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