Internet Spring Festival travel season to grab votes Wars upgrade: the host, or the public relations war?

DoNews, January 21, with the arrival of the Spring Festival travel season ticket peak of 360, Jinshan, Sogou, including a variety of browsers have introduced grab votes plug, helping users to rush to buy train tickets. With the intervention of the Ministry of Industry and other agencies, to grab votes broke out between the domestic browser war intensified. A ticket is hard to create new business opportunities for the Spring Festival period, the Ministry of Railways to absorb the lessons of the previous years, to further improve network and telephone booking. Nevertheless, users are still suffering from the torment of a ticket is hard, and it has also become a new opportunity for various Internet companies.   

In order to solve the problem of the user’s ticket, 360, Jinshan, Sogou browser vendors are timely introduction grab votes software plus grab votes plug, that in the normal browser user browser to log in to the Ministry of Railways ticketing website “12306. cn “, the computer will automatically repeat Login booking refresh the page, until the set on.   

The most striking is the case of a the Jinshan network’s cheetah Browser in this grab votes Wars,. In launch grab votes plug cheetah browser is not only an explosion of user, and also the CCTV television programs frequently exposed. It is understood that the the cheetah browser grab votes version of the third-party individuals, beginning from last year entered into a collaboration with Kingsoft. Currently, using the cheetah browser Spring Festival travel season to grab votes user has more than one million.   

Another software company 360 outdone. Cheetah browser launched to grab votes shortly after 360 also launched the browser to grab votes version. 360 company claims that the 360 browser to grab votes version has helped 300 million users to grab a train ticket home.The browser vendors Running out upgrade grab votes Software does solve the ticketing needs of some users, but shortly after the software launched in grab votes, there are rumors that the Ministry of Railways the Jinshan network interviews on the evening of the 17th, immediately stop Cheetah’s cheetah grab votes browser version.   Subsequently, it was also reported that the Ministry of Industry issued a notice on the 18th, 360, Jinshan, Sogou browser to disable grab votes Software the 12306 Website software for a variety of grab votes shielding. 360, Jinshan, Sogou, including a number of browser vendors are not received MIIT halt to grab votes Software notice. As of now, each grab votes Software is still the normal operation of users through software to grab votes to grab the train can still be used normally.   

There are indications, one can not help but suspect that the Ministry of Industry and halt various browser vendors is true. Insiders guess, grab votes in software is halted itself is perhaps some Internet companies speculation.   

At the same time, Running out of browser vendors did not cease. Kingsoft cheetah browser to seize the most attention, the media published the “the Jinshan grab votes plug steal Privacy was the Ministry of Railways Survey article. The article said that the Ministry of Railways, 360, Sogou, Kingsoft, Firefox, Chrome and other popular in the market at home and abroad browser detection 12306 grab votes tools Jinshan cheetah browser expressly saved ticket user data, user data in the browser files folder , including name, ID, and other privacy and Jinshan server upload may leak privacy, to this end, the Ministry of Railways separate interviews Jinshan and investigate.   

It is worth mentioning that the competitors 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi reprint which has microblogging. Jinshan network denied the claim, said the cheetah browser to grab votes software fully released the source code, not been taken by the Ministry of Railways speculation cheetah browser. According to the the Jinshan network internal one pointed out, the competitors hope With MIIT halt grab votes the software regarding transfer Cheetah limelight.   

Jinshan cheetah and even publicly stated: “Every engineer we will continue to stick to their posts, ignoring the discredit, for the majority of Chinese people, Spring Festival ticket offers excellent booking tool. Willing to 360 to provide moral, technical and marketing support.” It is understood that, As early as last year, a variety of “grab votes Software” grab votes plug “has emerged this year was a blowout. Whether grab votes Software appears, how to really solve the user “a ticket is hard situation to improve the user experience of ticketing website, is the relevant departments of the more thought-provoking questions.
















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