Use different ingredients in the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group

And amid the ingredients different from the notation on the menu at the department store and hotels around the country had been used becomes clear, and restaurants in the store eight nationwide, a leading department store ” Mitsukoshi Isetan ” group also expressed the menu I’ve found that different ingredients and has been used.

Store of Isetan of Four and ” Isetan Shinjuku ” and ” Isetan Sagamihara “, in the metropolitan area, it and ” Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi head office ” According to our study, we had been using the ingredients different from the menu, “Sapporo Mitsukoshi store “, the restaurant is 14 together are in the store, such as the four ” Sendai Mitsukoshi store ” and ” Takamatsu Mitsukoshi store “.

In these stores, in addition to it was referred to as ” Shibaebi ” and ” Banameiebi “, pork was on the ” Miyazaki ” is cow or was ” Iwate Prefecture “, was shaped by using a binder in fact I was a view that the wrong way, and may not have been referred to as ” processed meat ” the fillet. In addition, it is that there was also store that had one with a domestic China and Ms. fact while referred to as ” from France,” the chestnut which appeared on a pastry called ” marron tart “.

The company has explained that because such recognition of the correct notation was insufficient among staff about the cause. Akamatsu Ken managing director of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings has said, ” It really sorry, I apologize deeply to those involved with all our clients. We take very seriously the situation of this time, we would like to build a management system with business partners ” with.

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