Heavy landing start to the islands

18 afternoon, arrived off the coast of Izu Oshima, transport ship of the Self-Defense Force embarked and heavy machinery, began unloading of the vehicle with the air cushion landing craft.

Around 3:30 pm, transport ship of Maritime Self-Defense Force with a wide deck ” Osumi ” has arrived off the coast of Izu Oshima.

In areas where landslides occurred, the process embarked approximately 50 vehicles, such as trucks and heavy machinery of the Ground Self-Defense Force to hit the removal of debris and driftwood, and departed Yokosuka base in Kanagawa Prefecture 0:30 around 18 afternoon, transport ship, the Izu it was toward the Oshima.

Since the port of the island can not harbor a large ship, vehicles such as heavy equipment, has been landed with the air cushion landing craft called the LCAC mounted on the transport ship.

If you start from the back of the transport ship, Take the sea while raising the sea spray, as it is to ride on the beach near the harbor, LCAC has been down and heavy equipment.

It is that you have difficulties for the Izu-Oshima, safety of people and many other residents do not know, but the search and fire Metropolitan Police Department, due to the Self-Defense Forces, has driftwood and mixed in large amount of sediment.

Self-Defense Forces, has that along with the heavy equipment that you have landed, and sent a new crew of approximately 130 people, hit the search in a posture of more than 400 people together for this.

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