Good margin century founder Yan Gong resignation founder of 91 foreign teachers network

January 14, 2013, 15:30, fog shrouded Beijing, a thin woman shape appear in Wudaokou Hualian Department Store. She dressed in a red jacket, with his hands in his pocket, like a plain girl next door. She is thefounder of China’s first listed dating sites Century good margin(DATE.NQ), Hai-Yan Gong.
December 24, 2012, Yan Gong good margin century network CEO resigned.There has been speculation that she investors emperor to abdicate, Some say that she return to the family was looking for her to talk about cooperation. The parties seem to disappear from public view.
20 days later, Yan Gong accept an exclusive interview with China Economic Weekly “, summarizes the nine-year history of the own good margin century, and has begun a new project.
“Gong” into the body back
“If you break up, immediately you can find a new boyfriend, I was kind of character.”
6:00 the evening of 24 December 2012, along with the arrival of Christmas, released the news of the resignation of Yan Gong century good margin on the Nasdaq.
Resigned as CEO, Yan Gong became the full-time co-chairman of formal receded into the background. In addition to attend the shareholders’ meeting of each quarter and good margin century, she has no intersection.
December 25, appeared on the network “Yan Gong investors emperor to abdicate reported. Yan Gong wrote the blog “put down”, she said: “in the field of marriage dating, I’ve done the pinnacle, in my own case, it is difficult to be on the floor of the I began to hate myself become mediocre and inaction, which kinds of reflection so I made a decision to put down. ”
The surface of this woman is weak, courageous heart. “For me, to do a decision is very simple, but also very quickly.” For the past, not the slightest dismay. She said, “If you break up, immediately you can find a new boyfriend, I was kind of character.”
Century good margin in starting their own online in nine years ago, she became acquainted with Mr. – recognizing 53 days after you get on the back seat of his bicycle, to reclaim marriage certificate. Now their children have three and a half, happy life.
January 4, 2013, 10 days after leaving, Yan Gong back to his alma mater, Changde City, Hunan Taoyuan. 1994, 18-year-old Hai-Yan Gong Reading High School where excellent results, but the family was poor, she decided to drop out of school. Yan Gong opened commissary, south Zhuhai When working girl, after the students touched by Reading University, to return to school, was admitted to the Peking University in Taoyuan one first results in 1998. In 2002, he walked to the Fudan University graduate student. Then, her career plan is to be a reporter.
Your starting point and can not decide on your destination, your fate is decided by your actions, by your selection decisions, and even determined by your courage. “Mentees lectures in Taoyuan, Yan Gong said.The back to his alma mater, to examine the effects of education projects, but also to re-select.
The pain of the bottleneck
“To me, one thing to do for 10 years, in fact, is too long.”
In 2003, Hai-Yan Gong graduate school two 27-year-old parents hurried to find the object. In order to solve their own personal problems and close friends, she founded a good margin century “website. Yan Gong intelligent and diligent to win the favor of the investor. Accidentally, the website has a bigger, Yan Gong has become the dragon on the rivers and lakes of the “Maid”, the first network matchmaker.
Under the charge of the “Maid”, 2011, Century good margin revenue 3.3 billion yuan, profits of over 39.8 million yuan.
“Entrepreneurship is based on my experience, I want to change the status quo.” Yan Gong said. Venture these years, her one hundred million yuan century good margin financing, and operations step by step practice their own ideas.
However, accompanied by a good margin century growth, Yan Gong began to face a bottleneck. The most recent year, only a handful of her innovation the century jiayuan website, this state also affect the development of the site.
In August 2011, paying members, Liu Qing, good margin century site suffered a false marriage information to deceive the site to court. The drawbacks of dating sites early, but did not cause Hai-Yan Gong vigilance. She believes that the network is just a tool, can not fully ensure that information security.
This year, the network dating sites chaos ridden, Member of false information, wine prop, Huntuo,,, and one-night stands and so prevalent wrongdoing. As a member of the largest number of dating sites, good margin century also become the target of public criticism, was accused of no shoulder social responsibility.
Competitors Lily is the first to introduce the real-name system, and also allow a good margin century remaining passive.
“To me, one thing to do for 10 years, in fact, is too long.” Yan Gong admitted to the “China Economic Weekly”.
Yan Gong also planning to build a marriage website “Double Happiness magpie network, as good margin century dating from the lower end of the industry chain, wedding planning for the wedding supplies, wedding banquet. But now have been unable to search this site. In addition to wedding network, she also had to create the idea of parenting website, but are incompatible with the investment philosophy, and ultimately failed to implement.
“Over the past nine years, my idea after another, including the success of creating a massive line blind date, the revenue model of the effect of charges and television hit shows … But one day, I suddenly realized has been the lack of good ideas for some time hard to break I was so miserable. “Yan Gong said.
So, she decided to leave and leave.
Of the past, Yan Gong has no regrets: “because every step of the decisions are made by myself, I do not want to blame themselves, I also relatively easy to forgive their own fault.”
For allow Yin
“Old Wu, give this to you, the success or failure of honor and shame in your body.”
The beautiful 2011 earnings to cover up the fact that a good margin century this year fourth quarter loss of 1.2 million yuan. “The fourth quarter is mainly invested a large amount of advertising costs and other employee incentive and the year-end awards more than the” Yan Gong did not care. On some of the company’s major strategic, she seems less a glimmer keen.
This year, Yan Gong believes that the decline in the performance of the company is affected by the impact of the overall situation. “The whole Internet users traffic growth has slowed down, and even began to fall, the user to a new mobile platform, the Marriage Network difficult to all of a sudden the money is received in the mobile terminal.”
Work, accompanied by her more embarrassing.
In February 2012, the Board of Directors of the Company appointed digital entertainment provider KongZhong one of the founders of Wulin Guang century good margin Co-CEO. “In the company, I was the founder, is also the CEO of professional managers, which is a rather awkward, employees Which team will want to stand.” Yan Gong bluntly told the “China Economic Weekly.
Reported century good margin in the second quarter of 2012 the average monthly number of active users over the same period last year, a decrease of 90,000, a decrease of 100,000 from the previous quarter. The amount of active users is an important indicator to determine the site revenue.
Yan Gong clear, good margin century is an urgent need to bring about changes. This perhaps Wu Linguang the.
In June 2012, the idea of resignation and then start in Yan Gong brain flash. September, the idea is growing strongly. Taking into account the three months, she decided to resign: “I’ve been to a career bottleneck to a new manager, you give up power to a different point of view, there will be a new hope. Course may be worse , but at least provides a better possibility. ”
9 months, Wu Linguang understand century good margin operation, completely at the helm. In the future, how to stabilize and enhance existing paid subscribers and pay the amount, and open up a new revenue model, the Wu Linguang facing maximum pressure. Yan Gong said, “Old Wu ago to engage in online games, perhaps he has ideas!”
To the resignation of the board of directors, Yan Gong Wu Linguang said: “Old Wu, give this to you. Success or failure of honor and shame in your body made a huge honor; fails, you can not blame others.”
Announced the news of executive changes, good margin century company’s share price rose 4.41%, to close at $ 5.21. U.S. investors seem to be a way to express attitudes Yan Gong resignation.
Start all over again
“Even if that fails, I have to do it, shame on shame!”!
Resignation the next day, Yan Gong began to be recruited for the newly founded company employees, set sail a second venture.
Leave a good margin century, Yan Gong still owns 19.34% of the shares, the ownership share to just under the largest shareholder of the century, good margin, Chin co-founder of New Oriental ‘s second largest shareholder.
These shares, Yan Gong intend first placed temporarily not cash, she thinks good margin century stock is undervalued, late also have a great appreciation of space.
See the “China Economic Weekly” reporter, Yan Gong, handing me just printed a new business card, write “Yan Gong – 91 Net foreign teachers, founder and chairman of the board”. 91 Net foreign teachers is an English teaching website provides online English teaching, study abroad, immigration and the need for spoken English. Leaving around the Hai-Yan Gong and Zhang Dong ( Baidu scientists) co-founded a cloud of Culture Consulting Co., Ltd. in Beijing, on the line of the site.
Yan Gong took out his mobile to open URL “”, demonstrated to reporters how to become a member login and select their own teacher.
Like the founder of the original intention of the century, good margin, the idea of founding this website from and Yan Gong own experience. “2011 good margin century listed roadshow, I use English to answer investor questions, but my English not need the company CFO help me translate this wasted almost half the time.” She recalled, and was determined to solve the English spoken of the problem.
In Yan Gong, “91 foreign teachers network” the same groundbreaking significance. Operating mode is similar to dating sites, after the company’s audit and employ foreign teachers in this platform to play an English teacher, would like to learn English can register themselves to be a student teacher and curriculum, select Network Pays.
Friends advised her to do you good margin century today can be considered to fame, would not have to engage in what is the second venture. Yan Gong did not care: “Even if that fails, I have to do it, shame on shame it!”
“Life is short, I still want to do the little things that impact on society.” Yan Gong said. As nine years ago, she hoped that single men and women can be found online favorite object, now, her “dumb English” Chinese people want to change the status quo. Three years later, she said, she hopes to use English speaking abroad.
Good margin century journey
October 8, 2003, Yan Gong founder of Fudan University graduate school two century good margin sites.
In May 2005, one of the founder of New Oriental, angel investors Chin century good margin net injection of 2 million yuan.
In October 2006, the century good margin Join 3,000,000, the number of members on a large scale growth.
October 14, 2008, good margin century began to charge to members, the formation of the business model of the Chinese dating sites.
May 11, 2011, good margin century listed for trading on the Nasdaq, the become domestic first listed dating sites.
In September 2011, the registered number of members of the Century good margin reached 50 million, retaining its position as the top online dating sites.
In March 2012 century good margin appointed Wu Linguang as Joint CEO.
October 22, 2012, good margin century officially released the real name Marriage Network “love really, as early as December 15, 2010, its competitors Lily network real-name authentication.
December 24, 2012, good margin century resignation news release, CEO Yan Gong.

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