Foursquare hair 500,000,000 sign map display personalized recommendation service

IDG (Beckham) Beijing January 19, according to foreign media reports, the mobile location service Foursquare has released a map of the service in the past three months produced 500 million to sign, this is not just users have The attendance set of locations, and Foursquare to create personalized recommendation service and challenge Yelp bond.

Belongs to a unique Foursquare this practice in the industry, it is not to require the user to score a place from the outset, or leave a comment, but a sign of the nature of the game, the user can then sign specific badge and their attendance history. With the accumulation of time, Foursquare will this product gradually build into what it is today: a powerful recommendation engine, familiar with the user’s location and preferences, professional users and interested friends often go.

Recently, Foursquare for the site to increase a rating system, but does not require the user to simply click on a number, but to provide a series of symbols for the user to give personalized rating. Future, Foursquare on a restaurant to your rating standards, may be received with your friends on a completely different rating criteria.

Foursquare Friday published an article on the official blog, this recommendation system can be called “real world Google ( microblogging ) page ranking. Google’s page ranking system is a sophisticated algorithm, based on a series of variable factors to determine the value of a page, easy to modify this value will determine the ranking order of a link in the Google search results page.

Foursquare in the article said: “You see these sign just scoring ties and people visited locations. Example, if we find a lot of locals watched the film will go to a nearby takeaway, then We will understand the link between these two locations. Therefore, if someone watched the film first came to this place and we recommend him to the takeaways, so as not to miss the food. “

Activities according to the first game, the development of such a personalized recommendation engine is Foursquare products attractive place, and Foursquare expansion in the commercial sector. The article said: “If you like a nearby cafe or fashion shoes shop, we hope to develop a tool that allows you to know them latest menu, goods, and promotions this weekend if you want to go to a house Museum, we hope to provide you with the latest items list and opening hours.

Foursquare said: “We hope that the tools we provide to businesses, to enhance your contact with local businesses, and help you find your favorite things.” Obviously, such a tool to bring value to the user, while also able to create The good profitability possibility conditions must the Foursquare enter the next growth cycle.Of course, there is always news that Apple may acquire or integrate Foursquare service.


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