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What is amdppm.sys


amdppm.sys of 6.1.7600.16385 version with its size 52736 bytes is amdppm.sys error is a common .dll error originates from amdppm.sys file. When you got the amdppm.sys error, the possible reason is the broken Windows registry, low disk space, spyware, viruses, malware, damaged or incorrect version of amdppm.sys. If you have professional experience with your system, you can replace the amdppm.sys with the clean amdppm.sys from the Setup disk. For the common PC users, the best method is to use a DLL fixer to fix amdppm.sys error. Here we suggest that you download a copy of ARCUPA DLL Suite to diagnose your system first to check your DLL files. .
And it's created in 7/13/2009 4:11:04 PM usually has an error code of 0x14B0(NET.HLP) and the path is %SYSTEMROOT%:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\. Sometimes if its related files amdk8.sys and amdsata.sys have problems, there would also indicate the amdppm.sys error. In this case, you can download amdppm.sys with DLL Suite to fix amdppm.sys error.

amdppm.sys Error

Error of this file normally happens to Mitac with Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 32-bit. Its symptoms include:

  1. Can't play web games in Mozilla
  2. amdppm.sys is missing or was not found when playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. Fail to initiate amdppm.sys
  4. amdppm.sys Blue screen of death(BSOD)
  5. amdppm.sys System freezing or crash
  6. amdppm.sys Slow PC performance
  7. amdppm.sys CPU/Memory usage high
  8. amdppm.sys driver files damaged or missing, also recommend you install Driver Mechanic with DLL Suite

What is amdppm.sys

amdppm.sys is one of the core system files.
If amdppm.sys has error, our PC may get a lot of problem like blue screen of death, amdppm.sys was not found. The reasons could be various. But mostly it’s because of virus. It can be easily infected by TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent.KR.
And this virus will download malware like Battery Optimizer from unknown website automatically.
Then TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent.KR would modify the properties of amdppm.sys, because of which your PC will appear relevant errors.

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amdppm.sys related

  1. amdk8.sys
  2. amdsata.sys

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amdppm.sys was not Found/Missing
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How to fix amdppm.sys error
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amdppm.sys Repair and Driver fix
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System crash when amdppm.sys has Error
Fixing amdppm.sys error by killing TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent.KR...

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