Internet Spring Festival travel season to grab votes Wars upgrade: the host, or the public relations war?

DoNews, January 21, with the arrival of the Spring Festival travel season ticket peak of 360, Jinshan, Sogou, including a variety of browsers have introduced grab votes plug, helping users to rush to buy train tickets. With the intervention of the Ministry of Industry and other agencies, to grab votes broke out between the domestic […] Continue reading →

United States: a national strategy to deal with big data era

California, Stanford University Assistant Professor Justin Coulee horses, are trying the application of mathematics to the study of political science, Mass blog post on the Internet through the computer, parliamentary speeches, news reports the statistical analysis, and thus expand trends judgment. The 29-year-old in the eyes of the young political scientist, political science has increasingly become […] Continue reading →

Lenovo architecture adjustment: the smart phone business is very important

January 5, Yang Yuanqing announced Lenovo Group’s organizational structure adjustment. Lenovo’s business is split into two new end-to-end business group – Lenovo Business Group and Think Business Group.   Yang in the internal mail says:   “the Lenovo Business Group (Lenovo Business Group, referred to as LBG) by Liu Jun, a leader committed to advancing the mainstream consumer […] Continue reading →

Kai-fu Lee: 2013 field of social entrepreneurship opportunities

January 11 morning news, innovative workshops , Chairman and CEO Lee Kai-fu said today in the geeks Park Innovation Conference “on the mobile Internet will be the top five trends in 2013 . Kai-fu Lee, the 2013 channels of the mobile Internet will become more and becomes fine. In addition, the platform-based social entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of few enterprise level applications to open up the time is […] Continue reading →