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I believe that if you use computer a lot, you may not feel strange or new about DLL Suite. This is the first DLL fixer presented on the internet, which is to say, it’s the oldest brother in DLL fixers, but unlike human’s principle, DLL Suite is also the strongest DLL repair tool rather than weak or ineffective. Actually, because of years of experience, DLL Suite has much more advantages than the young ones.
First of all, as DLL Suite has been helping users to deal with DLL problem for a long time, it has accumulate all the found and possible errors a computer can ever get then gather them into a huge database. We have to say this is all contributed by our dear users and their precious feedback to us so that we can continue to serve them back better than before.
And as a gift to our dear global wide users, we have put forward DLL Suite version 2013 which has up to 18 languages involving hundred countries in the world to bring convenience of using experience to all the DLL Suite’s users.
It’s also necessary to introduce to you the main DLL errors that DLL Suite fixes.
1. Missing DLL errors / DLL was not found;
2. Startup errors;
3. Runtime errors;
4. System 32 errors;
5. Slow PC performance;
6. High CPU/Memory usage;
7. Program freezing;
8. System crashing;
9. Blue screen of death (BSOD);
10. PC no sound
11. Devices can’t work;
We just want you to hear this voice: if your PC has a DLL error, we are ready to do our best to fix that.

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