DLL ERROR:System Crash

This page is mainly talking about one DLL error you are very familiar with – System Crash. I bet you have some misunderstanding about this error. Generally, when system crash comes to your mind, the first thing you probably think of is some words like “system” or “hardware”. Rarely will you connect system crash with DLL. However, mostly, the crashing problem is exactly caused by the most important component – DLL files.
You don’t have this thought maybe just because you don’t know the vital position of DLL in system. DLL file is in charge of almost all the code support of common operations. It’s much more like a package of functions and data to help programs achieve executing properly. In other words, the applications and softwares you install even the system will not work without DLL.
So, next time when your PC has a system crash problem, consider the impact of DLL error first instead of system or hardware.
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