Disappearance male abandonment

In the incident found body of 24 – year – old man in Tokyo that had been missing from three years ago ‘s buried in the cemetery in Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department man in his twenties a new one following the original boy acquaintance we studied in detail the prehistory and arrested on suspicion of abandoning a corpse two people.

It is one of the two people that have denied the charges.

This incident is on the 17th day of each month, body (24 years old at the time ) Tsuchiya Akira Isao ‘s Tokyo Shinjuku was no longer know the whereabouts of December 22, 2010, was found from the cemetery in Saitama Prefecture Honjo.

Metropolitan Police Department, was promoted investigation to look to arrest on suspicion of abandoning a corpse a 22-year-old man in Hachioji was 19 years old at the time acquainted, and is a person involved also to others.

As a result, doubt from such information of the participants, both unemployed, 2 people (26 ) Takaku Noboru suspect homeless (27 ) Tozaki Takaaki suspects Higashimurayama was involved in the incident as intensified, 18 afternoon, I was arrested on suspicion of abandonment of a corpse.

For Investigators is Tozaki suspects denied the charges, Takaku suspect that admits a ” no doubt “.

Investigators so far, it has been seen that there is a relationship with the scam group remittance three people were arrested, we have studied in detail the prehistory seeing that there has been trouble over the money and Tsuchiya ‘s Metropolitan Police Department.

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