Blowing draft wind 56 network video site portability Baidu video collection network Reds

May be due to the recent years television talent show popular video site the past two years seems to have a draft wind began to blow, launched two years Youku Youku cattle, 56 network launched “56 Reds Hall”, the goals are focused on who was pregnant with extraordinary talent and immoderation “grassroots” body. Recently, 56 net work Baidu video together to build an online referral network Reds Stage of domestic video site with the search engines for the first time jointly launch mining network Reds activities. All along, the the network Reds video, micro-film and the shoot-off video recording hot social scene of the incident are fine UGC (user generated content). The joint Baidu video draft network Reds, also 56, 2013 continue to increase mining boutique UGC determination.

The video site has become a staging ground network hot events and characters, the past two years, the video site has boosted the careers of a number of grassroots figures such as Shandong coat Brother Zhu Wen, sun masculine, Xidan girls. In recent years, the major local TV launch all kinds of reality shows, and achieved good ratings. 56 network concern to some extent, and the local TV network Reds draft, there are some similarities, and more dissemination of the advantages and the interactive nature of the Internet, the video site has more screening and cultivation of the network Reds and more unique advantage.

 Video industry in the country, the closest and YouTube mode, attach importance the UGC of 56 network is undoubtedly the most distinctive content differentiation, a video site. Has been a flood of user-generated content so 56 net temperament unusual accumulation of seven years to 56 network video site of choice for many users to upload video, ordinary users to create video 56 network to get more attention and respect This makes users more willing to pass through 56 online video to show their talent, or the hot social events photographed.

 2011, 56 network launched the homemade variety show “56 Reds Hall”, aimed at a wide variety of of talent unique skills of users to provide a platform for a talent show for the whole world, who has extraordinary talent or Internet hotspot figures interview, for them to create a personal talent show area, to create exclusive online arena.

Currently, 56 Reds Hall has gathered nearly bit Reds, including extension Participation Master Mike Sui, adolescence actress Zhao Yi Huan 2012 concern-Fi hotspot People, called the largest network of star-making platform. They come from all corners of the country, the common ground is on the Internet has a high popularity.

 The 56 network joint Baidu draft network Reds not only enrich Baidu video from the user to create video content, who is also a video search engine and video content aggregation platform Baidu video, active participation and interaction of users will also further enhance Baidu Video user stickiness. The industry believes that, compared to the video of the hit TV drama long video content site, 56 network in cooperation with Baidu video fuller integration of resources advantages, complementary advantages.

 The source also pointed out that the video site at this stage and television drawn different video site itself is a platform for many network Reds was born, become the only way the grassroots character toward television stations nationwide audience awareness before the video site, but The video site compared to the television star-making ability is still weak. It can be predicted that the talent show in the future is bound to be more video websites and TV stations depth cooperation has become an important part of the network station linkage.


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