ADSL dropped reasons and processing methods

ADSL dropped involved in a wide range of issues, including a line fault (line interference), the ADSL Modem failure (fever, quality, compatibility), network card failure (slow, outdated drivers). Operators and users should do the following routine checks: ADSL phone line connectors are secure: whether away from power lines and high-power electronic devices; ADSL home line and separator is installed between the extension telephone, fax machine, billing equipment: is properly installed splitter; eliminated the old ISA adapter, and replaced with 10/100M PCI network card and the latest drivers; ADSL Modem cooling is good; Normal ADSL Modem indicator status. 
ADSL dropped the causes and treatment methods as follows: 
(1) the quality of the ground wire problem.
PC ground some better performance. Otherwise, static electricity can affect ADSL transmission rate will cause even dropped. The General PC grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω. In addition, due to the construction of power cloth put non-standard, and some do not have a ground wire, or ground substandard quality, also affect the normal use of the network equipment, and even dropped the issue, should be timely rectification. 

(2) the lines have a strong interference source.

Strong signal distance the user cable lines within 100m radio towers, welding machines, tram or high-voltage power transformers and other sources of interference, allowing users off the assembly line to receive the clutter (copper clad steel wire shield weak. Receiving strong signals) caused subscriber line strong interference. Signal interference often is never shielded downline part enter trunk cables shield interference little effect rate will be reduced due to interference caused by interference with shielded downline unstable or dropped. In addition, the power cord is not parallel with the ADSL line, to prevent the occurrence of the crosstalk lead ADSL failure. 

(3) NIC unstable quality.

The failure phenomenon the network as long as disconnected, no longer Rom. Users Modem DSL light lit, the basic rule of a line failure, the majority of the NIC. If you exclude a network cable, computer slot, generally NIC unstable quality, should be promptly replaced the network card. 

(4) The subscriber line distance.

Irregular dropped more by poor line quality or distance caused by the strength of the available ADSL tester signal attenuation and interference, to find out a better line replacement. The general user relay lines should not be more than 5km, enter the user room phone off the assembly line from the splitter box should not exceed 100 m. 

(5) access to the Internet, but the dropped calls.

Causes handover terminal board line card off due to broken head and terminal board very close, so the data sensing through, and the voice to make life difficult; such as the user away from the central office to close the indoor line mixing line can also be caused by the failure. 

(6) Internet calls that do not take into account. 

Typically, external poor insulation or poor contact. Client perimeter poor insulation, an Internet users to take the phone handle alarm lights flash the WAN lights go out, after the fault is repaired outside line immediately lifted. 

(7) call, but the Internet dropped.

The general users pick the wrong line is connected to the phone line connected Modem appears the phone can be used, dropped calls and the Internet. At this time, the light does not shine ADSL Modem status lights LINE. Check failure should first look carefully at the equipment wiring position, usually as little as possible changes, so as not to pick the wrong line. 

(8) Error string telephone extension.

Due to incorrect telephone extension in series, resulting in crosstalk distortion caused by Internet data. If you must use an extension telephone, you should connect a splitter.


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