ADSL dropped reasons and processing methods

ADSL dropped involved in a wide range of issues, including a line fault (line interference), the ADSL Modem failure (fever, quality, compatibility), network card failure (slow, outdated drivers). Operators and users should do the following routine checks: ADSL phone line connectors are secure: whether away from power lines and high-power electronic devices; ADSL home line and […] Continue reading →

Lenovo architecture adjustment: the smart phone business is very important

January 5, Yang Yuanqing announced Lenovo Group’s organizational structure adjustment. Lenovo’s business is split into two new end-to-end business group – Lenovo Business Group and Think Business Group.   Yang in the internal mail says:   “the Lenovo Business Group (Lenovo Business Group, referred to as LBG) by Liu Jun, a leader committed to advancing the mainstream consumer […] Continue reading →

Kai-fu Lee: 2013 field of social entrepreneurship opportunities

January 11 morning news, innovative workshops , Chairman and CEO Lee Kai-fu said today in the geeks Park Innovation Conference “on the mobile Internet will be the top five trends in 2013 . Kai-fu Lee, the 2013 channels of the mobile Internet will become more and becomes fine. In addition, the platform-based social entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of few enterprise level applications to open up the time is […] Continue reading →